THE WEEKEND  aka days off – struggling to get by during the work week, day dreaming about what the weekend will bring!

Counting down the days, hours and minutes until the clock strikes 5pm on that glorious Friday afternoon!

(I know this post doesn’t really go along with my blogs theme but I thought I would share it anyways)

Last Sunday we finally had some amazing weather and I decided to take full advantage and spent the day at  Christie Lake Conservation Area in Hamilton, Ontario. Once we arrived we noticed there was an event going on, Paddlefest.

“MEC Paddlefest is an urban celebration of all things paddlesport related. Whether you’re a beginner who’s never been in a boat, or an expert paddler looking to fine-tune your skills, there are plenty of learning opportunities both on water, and on land.”

You had the opportunity to learn the history of the board, test and try out the paddle boards and then if you were really eager they had yoga classes in the middle of the lake on a paddle board!

It was definitely a bonus to my Sunday afternoon and I high recommend you to try it out if you have the opportunity!

Fun ✓

Tan ✓

Workout ✓

 paddle boarding


Hair for the Summer

Great summer hair styles!


The hot weather is finally  here!! YESS we may all say!

Even though I love the weather, my hair doesn’t love it that much.

It gets in the way, and it makes me feel hot sometimes.

I’m sure it happens to all of us; well except for the guys. LUCKY you boys you don’t get to suffer that much!!!:)

When summer gets here I like to wear my hair up, or wavy so it doesn’t frizz up.

image-2What I really love about these styles is that it goes well with long, and short hair, so ladies don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair this summer. Whether is up or down make sure you feel sexy:)

*Pictures: Pinterest

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