Coming home after a long weekend at the cottage or out on the water and you notice every move and body part is just burning..literally.


Here are some helpful tips

1. Make sure you act right away!

2. Have a cool shower and then apply Aloe or some type of moisturizer repeatedly – will help reduce peeling

Note: Do not pick, peel, scrub or scratch!

3. Keep hydrated – drink lots of water

4. Take some Advil – helps reduce pain, swelling and redness

Information from Skin Cancer Foundation website*
Picture is taken from Google



One thought on “Ouch!

  1. I can definitely vouch for the aloe vera gel. My friend and I (we have the same skin type) were both burnt and I applied aloe vera continuously until the redness disappeared (about a week). Half way through the week my friend who hadn’t used products to treat the sunburn was peeling all over. I ended up with a nice tan and maybe only 10% of peeling when compared to my friends skin. Best product ever!

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