Cheese Pwease

Looking back at my last post about getting excited for holding your first summer get together, hopefully these ideas will help take some stress off.

I was watching  The Social on CTV and they brought up a great idea for food that is both easy and fun. A GRILLED CHEESE PARTY! – check out there website for some great ingredients and sandwich ideas!





Eat, Clean, Sweep, Repeat

Finally, patio furniture is a go! Sweep away the leaves and swipe down your summer lanterns. Great ready and excited to host this years first summer get together!

One of the most exciting days of spring! And yes, I say spring rather than summer. Rain, rain go away!

If you feel like adding a new touch of colour this year without breaking the bank. Push yourself to be creative. I love looking on Pinterest and other blogs with DIY ideas. It’s a great way to save money and surprise yourself what y0u can do with your old ‘junk’.

I hope a couple of these ideas will help bring out your creative side!


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All photos are from Pinterest* but click on the photos and they will lead back to the blog from which they came

Summertime Fine

During Christmas dinner I always try to consume as much food as possible. It’s the holiday between Thanksgiving and Easter. Christmas is when you are hiding underneath those big baggy grandpa sweater and too embarrassed of inviting your friends over because of all the hidden chocolate rappers Santa put in your stocking. Easter is when spring has finally sprung… AKA warm weather and back into those short shorts you have been dying to wear. But since we have been in hibernation mode we have to kick it up a notch to get back into that beach body routine.

Say bye-bye to drunk food fast food and hello to that DAMN GURL great bod everyone wants!

Hopefully these fun workouts and colour outfits will help you out! (always have to be in a cute outfit* being a girl 101)


tumblr_ln5cr41m4z1qlvtk5o1_500 tumblr_lp98l4bF2R1qlvtk5o1_500